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Can you enlarge breast without surgery?

Absolutely dear!

There are so many drawbacks of going under the knife - health complications and even in some cases death because all operations carry high amount of risk with them. In fact you are also required to sign the consent to undergo such procedures. So much risk and the breast may not even look real - yes you know the stories of breast that literally looks like coconuts plastered. 

Boom Bust is here for ladies like us who are looking for a safe and effective way to bust up. We know how important it is to have a full breast - not just in terms of looking great (yes that's a big plus point) but its also something that our hubby or boyfriend NEED its not even a want. It is a symbol of fertility and feminity - which is why if you just ask ladies who have big busts you can be sure that they will tell you it really gives them a confidence and attraction boost (yes we have also received many feedbacks from our ladies on how their hubby are pleasantly surprised with their secret bust up operations hehe). Yes exactly, if you want to bust up we are here for you guiding and ensuring you reach your bust up milestones. 

Why does Boom Bust Package comes in these 3 forms? 

STEP 1 Boom Bust Capsules: Consume to bust up from within

The authentic Sexy Boom capsules are made of Thai Wild Yam allows better blood circulation around our breast which enables bust growth. Only with a good circulation can our milk glands increase naturally and give our bust a fuller and larger look. 

STEP 2 Boom Bust Soap: Apply and Wash off 

Made of Thai Pueraria Mirifica which enhance our bust skin area to be more elastic and soft. This means that while we are on Boom Bust capsules for bust growth from within, this enables our bust skin area to expand naturally to allow for bust growth. Only with youthful bust skin area can our bust have the "space" to grow. 

STEP 3 Boom Bust Lotion: Apply and leave overnight as a bust mask

Made of Thai Fenugreek and Wild Yam which enhances our bust growth because its at night when our bust grow the most out of the full day. Hence we capitalize on this opportunity to bust up fast and effectively. Don't waste a good night rest without Boom Bust lotion as your bust mask!

Get them now in store! 
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Comment below if you have any questions or concerns and we will be here to answer them all.


  • Can I ask if there is age restriction as I’m 49 yrs old. Can it help to firm up and increase the size at this age


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