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What kind of Bra helps with Bust Growth?

Yes we have always wondered. Surprising, the answer is Push Up Bras
Not only providing a temporary lift to our cups, giving them a rounded and fuller look, Push-Up Bras helps with bust growth as well. 

Firstly, push up bras provide greater support and for ladies who may have sagged bust this helps in terms of centralizing our breast to give its structure. This helps as during the day when our bust grows with Boom Bust package, support is greatly appreciated by guiding our bust growth to be in the right direction and shape as well. 

Second, push up bras enhances body posture.
When a woman wears a push-up bra, she is forced to walk much more erect, helping to have a better posture. Slouching is just not possible with a push up bra underneath. Shoulders need to be thrown back to enhance the effect, the head automatically lifts and the entire person appears taller, straighter and, by association, more confident. This also aids with proper bust growth naturally. 

So what kind of Push-Up Bras do we recommend to provide the best support for bust growth with Boom Bust Package? 

Wireless Push Up Bras would work magic!

They are available in all retail stores and range from $20-$50 per pc. Invest in a good one and yes please do go down to a shop to try them out because its definitely different if you get them online. A good piece will leave your bust well supported and in good hands empowering it for growth. 


  • Hi Leanne, yes you are right the signature 3 months Boom Bust Package would be good to UP your AA to Full B cup. First month is for firming and second to third would be for fuller and larger bust :D Apply, wash and consume yields fastest results!

    Simply Metanoia Team
  • i used push up for my aa cup haha but a bit sick of wearing it whole day because its v tight thinking of getting the 3 month package will it be enough to go up to a B cup? helps clueless here im 27 btw


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