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🌴Hello Beautifuls!🌴

Because we know Singaporeans nowadays pay mainly though PayNow (who has the time to key in information of their bank card on a website right), so we are pushing out a new initiative payment scheme. SAVE 50¢ ON YOUR PURCHASE through the steps below: 

STEP 1: PayNow the Discounted Amount (Exact Amount of your Checkout Cart minus 50¢) to our Office Contact at 8934 8044 (Simply Metanoia).

STEP 2: Screenshot Payment Proof and send to our Office Contact at the same number 8934 8044 through WhatsApp. 

STEP 3: State your name, address and contact number with the Screenshot and we will reply to acknowledge payment received and proceed to process your order directly from there. 

🌴Thank You Beautifuls!🌴