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Cinderella Set
Cinderella Set
Cinderella Set
Cinderella Set
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Cinderella Set

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Lazel Gluta Capsules + Lachel Vit C Capsules

Whiten in no time with both Vit C (to protect skin from UV rays that darken skin) and Gluta capsules (to remove Melanin buildup). 

✅ FDA Certified | Halal Approved
✅ Trusted by >5,400+ SG, MY Ladies!

Choose from the following Bundle Sets! 

What's In A Set: Each Cinderella Set contains both Lachel Vit C and Lazel Gluta capsules. Consume 1 each per day for best results. 

👍Trial 1 month - Remove Tanned, Uneven Skin: 
1 Lachel Vit C + 1 Lazel Gluta - $69.90 (Originally $120.90)

👍👍If you want to brighten up by 1-2 skin tones takes 2 months set: 
Normal 2 Months Set (2 Lachel Vit C + 2 Lazel Gluta) - $119.90 (Originally $198.80)

👍👍If you want to brighten up by 2-4 skin tones takes 3 months set: 
Intensive 3 Months Set (3 Lachel Vit C + 3 Lazel Gluta) - $169.90 (Originally $258.80)


(Reaches in 2-3 days with Tracking Number) 

Start your transformation now with the signature Cinderella Set to look radiant, flattering and attractive! It only takes 1 capsule each per day. Add to cart to transform today!


VIRAL THAI BEAUTY PRODUCT that helped over 150,000+ satisfied customers! More than 98% of users WHITEN THEIR COMPLEXION in AS FAST AS 1 MONTH! Results don't renounce! View our ladies' Cinderella Whitening Set reviews and before after photos below. 

ORIGINAL NEW - Lachel Vitamin C Dietary Supplement 60capules[Shop Malaysia] Frozen Collagen / Frozen Detox / Gluta Pure Lazel / Lachel  Vitamin C | Shopee SingaporeAuthentic Lachel Vitamin C 60 Capsules | Shopee PhilippinesShop Malaysia] 𝗟𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗹 𝗩𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗻 𝗖-60 capsules | Shopee SingaporeLazel Gluta Pure – Shop AAbiz SG - Fashion, Hair & Beauty ShopLazel Gluta Pure - Thailand Best Selling Products - Online shopping -  Worldwide Shipping


Each pack includes:
1 month supply of capsules - 30 capsules. 

Estimated Results for 1 Pack: Firmer and Bouncier Skin.

How to Consume: 
Consume 1 capsule before breakfast with a full glass of water
(hydrated body helps for better absorption)


⭐️100% Halal Certified
⭐️ FDA Approved 13-1-13658-5-0009 
(Registration Number)
⭐️ Organic, Safe & Natural Ingredients
⭐️ Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified

Lachel Vitamin C | Shopee Singapore


1. If i order now here, how long will delivery take? 

Hi dear! It will be picked up the next day and delivered to you the following day. Hence overall 1-2 days are needed only. 

2. I really want to try this. But i have no bank account in SG. What can i do?

Hi dear! No problem! We accept Dash payments too and will be able to arrange COD at a small delivery fee. Simply drop us a message here and we will arrange for you! 
Link to Whatsapp:

3. I saw this on other platforms selling at cheap rates. Are they the same? 

Hi Dear! Thanks for letting us know and in fact many of our ladies have feedback this to us before. In fact this is the reason why we would like to distinguish from other marketplaces sellers - which labels them as "Lazel Glutapure" / "Skiniest Thailand" pills or tablets by naming it LAZEL Gluta Capsules to avoid confusion. With assured authenticity, the ingredients used are of quality and are to ensure our ladies see results. We are committed to ensure skin whitening happens and is guided naturally. 

4. Will results renounce? Do I need to continue consuming even after I reach my desired skin tone? 

Hi Dear! As its natural skin whitening hence results do not rebounce. As such our ladies can simply stop consumption once reach desired skin tone 🙂. That said, we also have ladies who go with maintenance - meaning consume 1 capsule every 3 days (effectively needing only 1 month bundle (2 boxes) = 3 months maintenance). This is because as we age it's normal that our skin shows signs of saggyness hence to maintain them at their firm and lifted form, it would be good for some form of maintenance too.